• Tocozulen® Ointment

    Tocozulen® is a vitamin-based ointment to support epithelialisation. It contains Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), guaiazulene, Babassu oil, shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, bee’s wax and calcium pantothenate.

  • Silvertan® paste

    Paste that contains ionized silver and panthenol. Contains Dermosoft®, an anti-yeast agent. For skin prone to diaper dermatitis, sores and pressure ulcers.

  • Ichtamol paste

    A brown paste with ichtamol and Dermosoft, an anti-yeast agent. For skin prone to acne and perioral dermatitis.

  • Cutozinc® Silver Spray

    Spray that contains ionized silver bound to zeolite, contains zinc oxide and is intended to care for skin prone to wet eczema, pressure sores and burns.

  • Cutosan® wipes

    Anti-microbial wipes with panthenol and Babassu oil. Contains Dermosoft®, an anti-microbial agent. Does not contain sodiumlauryl sulphate (SLS) or sodiumlaureth sulphate (SLES). For daily skin hygiene, suitable for newborns.

  • Ichthyol shampoo

    Sodiumlauryl sulphate (SLS) free ichtamol medicinal shampoo. Contains hexamidine, an antibacterial agent. Fights dandruff. An alternative to Polytar shampoo.

  • Ichtyol creampaste

    A cream paste with ichtamol, oleum Jecoris aselli – cod liver oil, guaiazulene and Dermosoft®, an anti-yeast agent. An alternative to corticoids in skin prone to eczema.

  • AD Calcis

    A calcium cream with aqua calcis (50%) that cares for red and irritated skin prone to eczema.

  • Cutoil®

    Almond oil with omega linoleic acid and Tocobiol®. Can be used in the bath, shower or directly applied onto the skin.

  • Cutozinc® Ichtamo Spray

    Zinc spray with ichtamol cares for skin inclined to wet eczema.

  • Cutosan® wash gel

    Liquid soap with antibacterial component triclosan. Cleaning skin and scalp.

  • Cutozinc® Spray

    Zinc spray for intensive skin protection.

  • AD lotio Chronic

    Lipophilic lotion that cares for dry and extremely dry skin. Contains 4% urea.

  • AD lotio Acut

    Non-occlusive lotion that cares for irritated skin with the calming effects of avenathramide and panthenol.